We are a member of the Environmental Register of Packaging (Rinki Oy ») and in addition to the producer responsibility we pay attention to the design of the entire product life-cycle.

We have the ISO 14001 certificate.

Our environmental policy is based on the following environmental management principles:

  •   We aim to assess the impact on the environment in advance as effectively as possible in all our operations.
  •   Our whole organization is committed in its operations to comply with environmental protection laws and regulations.

  •   We inform our customers and our stakeholders on environmental issues and their possible changes.

  •   We educate, encourage, and guide our personnel.
  •   Taking into account our economic and technical potential, we strive to use the best and most advanced technology in   our production, which improves the material flow, promotes more efficient use of energy and causes less emissions. 

  •  We support development activities in such a way that it takes into account the entire life cycle of the expanded plastic product   from raw material to the product disposal. More information Recycling »