EPE, expandable polyethylene, is an excellent solution to customer's packaging or product needs when:

    •  An effective shock and vibration protection for an electronics- or metal industry product is needed. The excellent energy absorption properties of EPP can be used in transportation packages for both sensitive and heavy equipment. EPP will revert back to its original shape after repeated hits.

    •  There is a need for a flexible and at the same time soft packaging alternative. The surface softness of EPE prevents scratching of most sensitive-skinned products.

    •  Good flexural strength is needed.

    •  Good chemical resistance is needed.

    •  There is a need for protection against electrostatic discharges. Anti-static EPE is ideal as a packaging material for electronics.

Antistaattinen EPE suojaa tuotetta myös sähköpurkauksilta.

EPE estää pakattavaa tuotetta naarmuuntumasta logistiikan aikana.

EPE -vakiosuojat sopivat raskaankin tuotteen suojaamiseen.