About Jackon Group

The JACKON GROUP is a family-owned corporation established in Fredrikstad, Norway, in 1956.

We are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of EPS (expandable polystyrene) and XPS (extruded polystyrene) products. Our main technologies are:

  •   extrusion (XPS)
  •   block and shape moulding (EPS, EPP, EPE)
  •   EPS raw material production

The company now has more than 700 employees in 6 countries and 16 locations.

With the production of EPS and XPS insulation materials, intelligent building systems, protective packaging and EPS bead raw material, we have secured a strong position for the future in a highly competitive market. We have achieved a reputation for top quality products, professionalism and service among our customers, and are known as a pacesetter within the industry.

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